In the near future, people have managed to develop space technology to conquer the entire solar system. State-owned corporations, allied with private companies and begin to develop bases and stations, focusing on resource extraction solar-wide. Almost all planets and asteroids have become main locations for mining minerals. Mankind has begun active conquest of entire endless space.

Despite the great successes, cases of missing astronauts and equipment, as well as encounters with unidentified aircraft, began to occur. Sometimes they found mysterious objects whose origin cannot be studied or explained.

As the mystical threat grew, special secret department of the Space Command "Space Power" was hastily created. Under the guise of mining resources for the world, Space Command operatives begin investigation for potential threats. The main task, in addition to collect minerals and usage of found artifacts, is to pull out the truth of who or what is behind the space terror.

You are sent to develop the nearest base equipped on the moon. Use your potential for the best, build a base, send teams of astronauts on mysterious missions in space.

Remember! - The whole humanity depends on you!

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